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About Us Who are we

Bengal International Agencies (BIA) is recognized as a leading company for consultancy, design, installation & service system, Bengal brings a singular dedication to the full spectrum of industrial, commercial and residential security needs, this dedication is through the leadership, quality, price and service. Customer satisfaction is our unique vision.

We also do a follow up on all clients to ensure that all equipment supplied is efficiently running and serviced on time. We have grown out of the need of ensuring safety and professional guidance to the public for safer and proper usage of all fire and industrial safety equipment.

Mission Statement The Mission of BIA

Its the policy of the company to provide customers with products and services with installation which achieve and sustain the highest possible quality standards. This statement is the basis of our management philosophy and reflects the commitment of every individual within the organization.

Vision Statement The Vision of BIA

Excel in what we do and build a safe and secure environment for our country.

Bengal International Agencies
Bengal International Agencies

Our service and activities What we do

  • Fire Extinguishers with different types, sizes and extinguishing agents.
  • Automatic sprinklers system with fire pump.
  • Automatic fire hydrant system with fire pump.
  • Automatic Foam Extinguishing system
  • Automatic CO2 Extinguishing system.
  • Automatic FM2oo Extinguishing system.
  • Clean agent gas Extinguishing system.
  • Automatic fire alarm detection system
  • Sound, PA and Burglar Alarm system.
  • Access control & Time attendance management system.
  • CCTV based security surveillance system.
  • Fire resistant doors.
  • Fire man equipment’s such as fire proof dress, gas mask, birthing apparatus, safety boot, safety helmet, hand gloves, life line, smoke light, etc.
  • We can help you about Fire service and civil defence & insurance license


We provide guarantee to all our products that comply with the best international standards such as NFPA, UL, BS, EN, FM, BSI etc. Committed to provide spare parts for our products for 5 years at least. Bengal International Agencies to under processing Certification of NFPA Membership


We have over 20 years experience in this line for designed, installed, operated fire alarm, fire hydrant with sprinkler system with analogue addressable system and fire extinguishing system in addition to safety and security equipments to many government, Semi-government, private sectors in Bangladesh.


  • Affordable products
  • Training of usage of all equipment.
  • Unparalleled customer service.
  • On time delivery.